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Evangelical Church Unity

Biblical propheices foretold a glorious upliftment of the church of Jesus Christ at the advent of His second coming. From the scriptures again, it is revealed that all these blessedness and uplifment of the end time church shall be received when the Temple of the Lord is built; and when the Mountain of the Lord is established. Church unity then becomes an imperative for the glorious outpouring and all other dispensational blessings to be experienced. To know better about the eprophecies relating to the church at these end times, read our book, Zion Vision of Today.


The current Middle East crisis was not only prophecied about by ancient prophets and by Christ Himself. But its solution is equally outlined in the Bible. The current attempts to solve the crisis purely from a secular standpoint shall not only prove abortive but shall be fatal. Zion Vision thus makes known an alternative to the "Two States Solution" being postulated by the nations and advocates for a bi-cultural single entity, with the exception only of the Gaza Strip. All these and more are developed in our book, Zion Vision of Today.

Ethical issues also pre occupy us; and of course, the gospel. Biblical Perspectives lets us know what God says concerning such topical issues as Abortion, Homosexuality, Gay Marriages etc. And the Gospel Publication page offers us with the gospel and tools in sharing the Good News of God's slvation to man.

Latest Prophetic Updates

With the election of the first European Union President on the 19th Nov. 2009, a major page is opened in the fulfilment of biblical prophecies. Read our Prophetic Update page to get what we've got to say, including current allegations of sexual abuses by Catholic priests

Our key burden areas are all developed on our book and include:

  • Prophecy to the Church
  • Prophecy to Israel and the Nations
  • Gospel Emphasis
  • Moral Issues

Reading Zion Vision's Book

Our vision is best found in our book, Zion Vision of Today. Other major prophetic issues relevant to our day are treated in another book titled, Understanding the Prophetic Timetable. Both are of utmost necessity to by studied.

Free Gospel Downloads

Our Gospel Tracts, Booklets and other teachings that currently exist in both English and French are available as free downloads and can be easily accessed following the link below.